Baseline Construction
Toronto Construction Association
accessible mini-platforms

Mini Platform:
Building safe and accessible mini-platforms for seniors and persons with disabilities. Textured tiles along platform edges warn passengers that they are close to the platform edge. These tiles can be detected with a cane or foot. There is level boarding from the platform to all trains. 

New Track Construction:
The population explosion in Southern Ontario and its subsequent evolution in the improved movement of peoples have led to an increased network of mass transit facilities and capabilities. As part of the modifications required in the railway plant to accommodate new station facilities, increased capacity, etc., new track construction and relocation of existing facilities has allowed for the effective use of existing right-of-ways. Baseline has and continues to participate in projects of this nature and with its consortium partnerships is able to readily construct new rail facilities or improve/modify existing ones.  

Hydronic Snowmelt Systems:
A hydronic snowmelt system is an invaluable system that promotes longevity of structures and facilities while providing an environment that eliminates the need for snow removal and its associated costs all the while providing a safe and hazard free environment for the movement of people while eliminating dangerous icy conditions. A snowmelt system will extend the life of concrete, asphalt or unit pavers by eliminating the use of harsh salts and chemicals, as well as damage from snow removal equipment. The system is integrated within the wearing surface base design and allows the ability to do localized repairs in the event the tubing system is damaged by external activities.

Local University Campus Student Centre Landscaped Flower Garden:
Triform Concrete Specialists was chosen to partner in the design/build and construction of a combined landscaped flower garden and student meeting area in front of the student centre building of a local university campus.

The round poured concrete structure aesthetics were designed to blend with the architectural qualities of the building design and provide a functional meeting and relaxation area for students, staff, and visitors.

Toronto Yonge and Finch Regional Transit Hub Bus/Subway Terminal, Transit Orientated Development
In conjunction with the emerging multi-functional Transit development by the local and regional Transit Authorities, Baseline Construction was contracted to enhance the transit facilities to improve the functionality of the existing Yonge/Finch GO Bus Terminal to facilitate the introduction of the new VIVA regional service and from this facility into a major local and regional bus and subway hub.

Early issues of physical design elements of the available space took into consideration mixed station usage, increased passenger density, easy access and walk ability.

The construction of the various design elements consisting of a centre mushroom concrete canopy with a pergola like canopy walkway structure consisting of metal tube and framing members were accentuated with glass overhead covers to give a very pleasing and modern look with complete functionality.

We're proud to say the concrete mushroom canopy design and construction was nominated for an architectural award.